What is a Coactive Newtech event and what can they do for me?

Forget about the traditional ‘Turn up and hope for passing customers’, Newtech provides a flexible and cost-effective nationwide sales platform for the printing trade. Strategically placed around the UK in the main printing areas, Newtech offers a ‘smart’ option to printing trade manufacturers and their channel partners with each partner normally exclusive in their product area.

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  • High quality venues covering the whole of the UK
  • Collaboration with your market partners, not competition
  • Confidence to invite your own contacts without competition
  • 1,000 serious buyers annually in bite-size chunks
  • Reaching new customers you would never normally meet
  • Strengthening your brand by association with the best in your market
  • Shared marketing
  • A complete package including food, refreshments and accommodation
  • Low resources and low cost
  • All we ask is that you invite your local contacts

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